Investigators Research Group, LLC


Type 2 Diabetic Study/Weight Loss

Age: 18 or older

Condition:Type 2 Diabetes, Overweight/Obese with a risk of a Cardiovascular event.

Study length: Up to 104 weeks with 24 office visits. 

Study Requirements: Men or Women 18 or older, overweight, and diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Must be taking Metformin or certain other oral medications (to many to list) and have one or more of the following 1) Coronary Heart Disease 2) Peripheral Arterial Disease 3) Stroke 4) Chronic Kidney Disease 5) Congestive Heart Failure. CAN NOT BE TAKING INSULIN, OZEMPIC OR OTHER WEIGHT LOSS MEDICATIONS IN THE LAST 90 DAYS. (other medications may be excluded)

Provided: No cost to the patient-Study Diabetic Medication, study related tests and exam, study supplies, medical care including eye exams, and compensation for time and travel. No Insurance needed. Transportation may be provided. 

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